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preselilettings Dec 18,2019
Categories: Security Deposit Tags: Security Deposit

We all know that moving house tops the list of most stressful things you can do in life, so receiving your security deposit back from your previous landlord shouldn’t be something that adds to that stress. The idea of scrubbing floors and washing windows doesn’t delight the soul after all the packing and heaving of boxes, but it’s well worth the effort to ensure that you get every penny back.
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preselilettings Dec 11,2019
Categories: Tenant Fee Ban Tags: Tenant Fee Ban

While we’ve all heard about the Tenant Fee Ban that came into law in Wales in September of this year, there has been much confusion and speculation as to what the changes mean for landlords. We know that tenants are getting a better deal without the old fees, but are landlords missing out? With much speculation around the specifics of the long-awaited Tenant Fee Act, we’re busting the myths and letting landlords know how to navigate this new piece of legislation without missing out on long-term tenants.
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