3 rental house renovation tips for thriving tenancies

Mar 06,2020
Categories: Landlords


Rental house renovation can seem like a costly and overwhelming process.  For most landlords, who already have enough on their plates, this is a job that usually goes to the back of the “To Do” list.  But undertaking rental house renovation between the end of one tenancy and the beginning of another actually can be of huge benefit for your rental success.  In this blog, we share our top 3 tips for rental house renovation victory and share details of how you can get on the renovation train with the help of your local friendly rental company…us!

Renovation tip 1: Pretty means profitable

Let’s face it, if you’re a tenant and you’re viewing a property, dated units, worn carpet and shabby doorframes are going to put a bit of a dampener on your dream home goals.  But freshly painted walls, new carpets and up-to-date tiling can transform a place from outdated thumbs down to clean, fresh, where-do-I-sign thumbs up!  

When completing house renovations, it’s important to keep a few things in mind

  • Yes, the salmon pink tiles in the bathroom have kept well over the last 40 years, but are they to everyone’s taste or will they put people off the property?

  • Be aware of current decorative trends, but also be aware that once the moment has passed, you don’t want to be left with a house that has outdated interiors.

  • Start with the oldest and most dated renovations – you may find that it only takes a few tweaks to make a property feel completely renewed!

When it comes to a rental house renovation, it’s usually best to play it safe with a neutral palette, and let the tenants add their own splashes of colour with cushions and rugs.  This allows for the longevity of your handiwork and the continued interest of future renters.

Renovation tip 2: Revamp to add value

We’re not suggesting that you add a bedroom extension to your place: that would be overly costly and would take precious time away from potential rental income flow.  However, ask yourself if you could be making better use of the space that you offer your tenants. Could that old-fashioned pantry become a useful utility room? How about converting the under stairs cupboard into an essential additional WC?  This is your opportunity to think ahead; your rental house renovation could increase the market value of your property in the long run as well as being more attractive to near-future tenants.

Renovation tip 3: Never do tomorrow what you can do today

It’s easy to say that keeping on top of things means that you won’t have to worry in future, but when it comes to long lets time is of the essence.  In order to make the most of your rental house renovation time frame, have a plan in mind beforehand.  Then, when you know that the premises are going to be empty, make use of whatever money and measures you can take in order to preserve the high standard of your property as often as possible.  Taking care of your rental house renovation on a regular basis prevents larger renovations later – stay on top of things to avoid big, costly, timely jobs later on.

How Preseli Lettings can help your rental house renovation requirements

Whether you’re one of our registered landlords or just a landlord who wants to take advantage of our large pool of resources, Preseli Lettings can arrange a full or partial renovation of your property so that it’s in tip top condition in readiness for your new tenants.  We make sure that we know the best contractors in every corner of Pembrokeshire, so whether you’re looking to get new windows fitted, the interior of your house painted or a bathroom suite replaced, we have an extensive pool of trusted, professional contractors that we can call upon to help with your rental house renovation needs.

Give us a call today for advice on your property’s requirements or let’s chat about our managed services for landlords – there’s no obligation and we’d be more than happy to help!